Amphi Analytic has worked to build industry-leading technology platforms across a range of industries, including insurance, utilities, and transportation and logistics. The company’s Healthcare Platform Technology business provides state-of-the-art medical management technology led by its CareRadius platform, which integrates data from multiple sources in real time to improve care collaboration and coordination.

Business Solutions

As business process management moves from transactional to transformational, Fistserve Global focuses on where the works gets done, builds agile technology to support that work, then extends that effort to adjacent processes. The goal is to truly leverage the triumvirate of operations, analytics and technology to deliver business impact.

Automation & Robotics

Amphi Analytic is focused on the use of advanced technologies to achieve automation of business processes outside a client’s core business systems, which delivers value though efficiency, effectiveness and process maturity. Through non-intrusive robotic process automation, Amphi Analytic enables transformation and differentiation of business processes.

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