In-Direct Taxation

Indirect Taxation has become an important method of raising revenues for governments. It is now critical to manage indirect tax compliance as well as cash flows for the company. Indirect taxes are an important element as they have an impact on different aspects like material and product costs, cash flows, profitability, etc. The business model may end up making lesser profits or none at all and it may affect the bottom-line of the company severely if indirect taxes are not taken into account for business operations.

At Amphi Analytic we provide comprehensive advice and assistance on Indirect taxes such as Service tax, VAT/GST, Customs duty, Central excise, insurance premium tax, etc. We cover all aspects of these taxes like compliance and reporting, consultancy, dispute resolution and identifying opportunity and implementation.

We also offer advice on cross-border supply chains, foreign trade policy, free trade agreements.

We help clients with timely planning and application of technology-based management solutions which can help them reduce costs and manage tax compliance risk.

Strategic Consulting and Advisory

  • Provide structuring of contracts and transactions to optimize indirect tax incidence
  • Provide strategic consulting in formulating indirect tax efficient business models
  • Provide assistance in contract negotiations and in reviewing contract documentation
  • Provide rigorous and innovative tax planning ideas

Our Indirect Tax Services Include

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Indirect Tax for Financial Services
  • Compliance Support and Outsourcing
  • Transactional Consulting for Indirect Tax
  • Indirect Tax reviews/ health checks
  • Litigation Support?

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