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Debt Raising & Project Finance

Debt Raising

Most enterprises depend on debt finance from banks and financial institutions for their long-term as well as working capital needs. Especially in the SME sector, companies do not have sufficient knowledge of debt-raising, such as the eligibility, optimum terms, and cost of such debt. Nor do they have the necessary skill-sets to find the best solution with potential lenders.

We advise clients in debt-raising matters and have been successful in raising debt in many difficult situations. For example, factoring for service companies, or large debt raise for high-potential companies with low initial profitability. We also like to create the right competitive environment to stimulate financial partners to offer the best terms for debt.

We help clients get funding at the best terms:

  • Debt – Secured Lending (Long term and Medium Term).
  • Debt Secured/Unsecured lending (Working Capital / Short Term).
  • Design the right debt and security structures.

Project Finance

‘Project Financing’, the term used to describe the financing of a major new project in capital-intensive industries, is important where the stakeholders are expected to rely on the revenues of the new project for repayment as well as investment returns.

Besides classical debt financing for projects, we have advised clients on innovative financing options that are a combination of debt and equity as well as quasi-equity/debt instruments.

We specialize in conducting:

  • Project feasibility studies to determine how feasible and financially viable the proposed project is:

    • It involves the scrutiny of financial and other aspects of the project.
    • It also considers the time frame for completion of the various phases of the project development.
  • We help prepare a structured process to develop:

    • The financial plan.
    • Assess the risks.
    • Work out the financing mix.
    • Analyze regulatory provisions.
    • Raise project finance.

Debt Restructuring

There are times when a business organization is faced with the grave problem of mounting corporate debt and an unbalanced capital structure. At these times, the business realizes that the task of facing the demands of creditors and vendors is increasingly difficult and can thus opt for restructuring its debt portfolio.

Debt restructuring is undertaken to turn the business away from the path of bankruptcy, towards the path of profitability.

 We offer:

  • Debt restructuring solutions which require in-depth analysis and assessment of the company’s financial situation.
  • Skillful negotiations.
  • A well-structured plan.

We have proven credentials in this space, including the ability to devise innovative restructuring solutions for our clients and lenders.