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Transaction Processing Services

Amphi provides services to companies around the world which have realized that outsourcing non-functional areas of their business allows them to focus more on their customers. Outsourcing your transaction processing can help streamline your business processes, giving you more time to work on your company’s core competencies and the satisfaction of your clients. Meanwhile, Amphi is busy at work on your transaction processing and saving your organization money.

At Amphi, we pride ourselves in learning our customers’ business from top to bottom, and tailoring our solutions to their specific needs. Outsourcing services to Amphi can provide added value to your business in the form of time and cost savings. Amphi’s passion and commitment to its customers’ success is what sets us apart from other outsourcing companies.

Outsourcing to Amphi has many benefits, including:

Increasing your focus on core competencies

Outsourcing to Amphi allows you to focus on developing better products and services for your customers.

Trained personnel and sophisticated technology

Amphi’s skilled personnel are highly-trained in transaction processing. We use only state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

Superior project management

Amphi’s talented managerial staff is second-to-none. Dedicated Project Managers ensure that deadlines are met, regular status updates are sent, and open communication with the customer is fostered.

Quality assurance

Amphi adheres to a stringent Quality Control process. Once our data entry operators have finished their work, a team of professional editors checks it for grammatical and contextual errors.