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TIS Labs Services

From Consulting To Implementation To Support, We Provide End-To-End Solutions That Are Robust And Cost-Effective.

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Server Based Solutions

Technology can act as a Business Enabler if the IT Infrastructure is organized to do so. Our expert team of IT consultants, implementers and support team, help to provide the best solution for your business needs, saving costs and reducing downtimes. We ensure that the business owner need not worry about their IT,so that they can spend more time doing their business.

  • Virtualisation
  • Enterprise monitoring
  • Domain Controller
  • Backup and restoration
  • Hadoop Infrastructure management

Mail Solutions

Email services are available from a host of vendors. Businesses are not worried about email until they are hit by issues due to spam or malware. When, businesses are hit by these, the support is the primary point of concern. Our mail solutions are backed by a dedicated team for support. Our mail archival solution also ensures that you never worry about losing important mails.

  • Email Hosting
  • Mail archival
  • Enterprise mailsolution
  • Enterprise monitoring
  • Antispam

IT Security

In the era of malwares, ransomwares and data theft, we at TIS Labs help clients put the best of security in place, in order to minimize the security risks. We assess the risks to the system, provide advice and fixes to the risks, so that the systems are safe round the clock.

  • Gateway security
  • End point security
  • Data leak prevention
  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability assessment

Document Management

Paper documents have a curious way of piling up, leading to difficulty in searching and storage of important data. Now, keep all your documentsin a safe, access controlled and easily searchable manner, using our solutions of Document Management Systems. Our solutions are based on Enterprise grade OpenSource document managementsystems like DSpace and Alfresco and e-library managementsystems like Koha.

  • Enterprise content management
  • Business process management
  • E-library

Managed Services

Growing organizations have to continuously grapple with keeping their IT services up and running for Business continuity.Our expert team of engineers are managing the complex IT Infrastructure of places like SAIL and Power Grid Corporation. Our clients rest easy, since they know they are in safe hands. We also provide Network Management Solutions, both OpenSource and Enterprise grade.

  • Remote Infrastructure Management
  • Migration Services
  • Network Management
  • High Performance Computing

IT Consulting

Strategizing your IT, ensuring IT security and aligning the IT process with the Business Needs are essential for any organization. We provide consultancy in all these areas, creating a very robust, certified IT environment. We help our clients like Medfin India, get certified for ISO27001, through consulting and ensuring that their systems are compliant wth the current standards.

  • Information security consulting
  • BCP & DR – process consulting
  • ITIL consulting
  • Infrastructure optimisation
  • Capacity planning
  • IT strategy